What is Drop In?


Short answer.  Drop IN is a powerful film series designed to inspire YOU to let go of everything holding you back. We follow paraplegic athlete, Jeremy P. McGhee, around the globe on dangerous and exciting adventures where he must travel inward and search the limits of his own resolveLast year we released Drop In: Bloody Couloir (watch the trailer below and get the whole movie on DVD).  Currently, we’re gearing up to shoot our second film, Drop In: Channel of Bones – Jeremy will be racing in the treacherous Molokai 2 Oahu paddleboard race on July 27, 2014Learn more and get involved via our Kickstarter Campaign (coming soon).

Long answer.  Drop In is a movement and a mission.  Do What You Love.

This project was born out of Jeremy’s passion to enjoy this playground TODAY… because life is short… and his resolve to share it with the masses in hopes of stirring others to do the same. This drive infected producers Brad Tiemann and Alan Jacoby, known for their work on MTV’s The Buried Life, and their talents gave shape to the project. Join us as we travel the world doing what we love, and simply “Drop In” with Jeremy.  Check out “The LIST” to see what else we’re up to, watch the teaser above, or order a DVD.  A percentage of all proceeds go to charities such as Disabled Sports USA and Challenged Athletes Foundation – with the rest of the money going towards furthering the movement, crossing goals off our list and motivating YOU to do the same!

WARNING: You may experience a deep stirring of passion for life within.


15 thoughts on “What is Drop In?

  1. Andrew Symons says:

    Great job Jeremy!

  2. Wow! Congratulations, Jeremy. I’m inspired bigtime…

  3. Tracy or TC or T says:

    Feeling pretty low as the holidays approach. Need some inspiration. Can’t wait to see this film! Maybe meet the man himself. Get some perspective in my life. Be inspired to get my priorities straight : )

    • ss29er says:

      Hi Tracy (or TC or T 🙂 – looking forward to seeing you on Friday night! It’s gonna be a blast. I know you’ll be inspired. Jeremy would love to meet you – please come up and say hi!! – Do What You Love.

  4. steve butler says:

    you go !!!! skied it in the ’90s’ spring skiing! lots of rocks. wish I could be there for your show. Stay strong. Best Wishes: butman

  5. As a wheelchair athlete and mono skier, I applaud your efforts Jeremy, as my constant gym work and personal challenges in skiing fill every day with fear and joy, like yours. My next challenge is learn how to teach adaptive skiing to children, as we need to pass what we have learned to the next generations of future paralympic athletes.

  6. Chris says:

    What an amazing and inspiring film. I highly suggest everyone see this. Skier or non skier. This is a wonderful story.

  7. kevin mc cann says:

    Just watched your adventure movie in Ketchum Idaho.
    Very inspirational,keep doing what you want to do Jeremy because life is not a practice round mate.Enjoy the island fling this summer.will be following your expeditions as long as im above ground.Just remember tomorrow never comes ,so live it today.

  8. Kaitlyn says:

    Saw you at my school today… I really was inspired by what you said… When I grow up I want to become a pro supercross rider, but my friends and some family members shoot me down saying, you’re not fit enough, you don’t have the drive, etc.. You showed me that even though we have our flaws but we can fight through them and show others that we can become what they said we couldn’t… I just want to thank you also, for showing me this, and giving me the motivation to prove that I can become what I want and accomplish my dreams….

  9. Joe Paiva says:

    Saw your Drop in Film this past Saturday at Bromley Mountain. Great job keep doing what you love and inspiring people.

  10. Becoming Cat says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Your drive and determination is truly, so wonderfully special and motivational. Thank you for sharing. This clip was so far beyond incredibly inspiring to watch.

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DVD's Now Available