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Do What You Love.  Here are a few episodes Jeremy and the Drop In crew have lined up  – maybe it’ll help spark some ideas for your “Drop In” list…

  1. Bloody Couloir: Jeremy climbs and skis a major backcountry peak under his own power just so he can be with his friends, but runs into the most challenging feat of his life.
  2. Baja: With boards mounted on the back, Jeremy and friends explore the desert coast of Baja on four wheelers in search of waves and dive with Great White sharks off Guadalupe Island
  3. Bolivia: Yungus Road, El Camino de la Muerte (Road of Death), spans through 40 miles of hair pin turns and sheer drop offs…and Jeremy tackles it on his downhill mountain bike. His treat at the end? An eery but beautiful paddle down a section of the Amazon river.
  4. Le Tour de France: Jeremy travels to Europe to ride the famous Tour de France. The grueling mountain stages through the Pyrenees and Alps are enough to break even the most elite cyclists. What? Jeremy speaks French? Oui oui!
  5. Alaska: Pristine mountain peaks call to Jeremy and he ventures to Alaska on a heli ski trip with his best friends and pro skiers who give him pointers of skiing big mountain back country lines. While there, the boys venture to the coast for a little kayak mission with Orcas.
  6. Indonesia: A pro surfer takes Jeremy to the Mentawai Islands to teach him how to drop into some serious waves. The two join the Surfaid crew to help with education and relief work for the Mentawai people
  7. Molokai2Oahu: The Tour de France of paddling. The most revered race of ocean athletes, Jeremy tries to tackle it solo after months and months of training. Can he do it? — Find out, as we’re currently filming this project and Jeremy will be racing on July 27, 2014.
  8. Japan: Jeremy gets to ski and surf in the same day as he travels to Japan’s indoor ski resort and artificial wave pool. Any chance he’ll get to ski real mountains and surf real waves while there? If he can survive the culture shock and find his way around…
  9. Dominican Republic: Paddling and free diving with Humpback whales, Jeremy gets up close and personal. The boys stop in Texas on their way back for some hurricane surf with local hicks.
  10. Africa: Surfari through dangerous lands and unstable times in search of pealing African waves, Jeremy is pushed to his limits.
  11. Moab: Jeremy and friends downhill mountain bike some insane trails and camp under the stars in the beautiful Utah desert.
  12. A Day in the Life: Jeremy doesn’t need to travel to live the adventure. He does it every day at home in sunny San Diego. Have a look as he surfs his home break and mingles with locals.

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